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Zappasoft develops apps that deliver outstanding:

  • coaching tools
  • learning tools and
  • program resources

for athletes, players, coaches, teachers and parents.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to use your mobile phone, iPad or tablet to access a world of sporting technology and expertise at an affordable cost. Our apps are designed to meet the sporting technology needs of 'anyone, anywhere, anytime'.

Zappasoft's simple visual based technologies can be instrumental in player development and performance at all levels and across a wide range of sports.

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Six Cricket
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What people are saying

SIX is a valuable resource for the junior cricketer, parent, teacher and cricket coach

James Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer,
Cricket Australia

Fantastic!  5-stars.png

This app is great for all levels of coaches. Great for feedback from novice to international. Great job.

UK iTunes App Review Apr 4, 2012 – Swim Coach Plus

Great product  5-stars.png

This is great tool for tennis coaches. Very straight forward to use.

USA iTunes App Review May 8, 2012 – Tennis Coach Plus

An exceptional application!!  5-stars.png

Swimming coaching can be enhanced thanks to the use of modern tools. To combine the iPad technology with this software gem will allow the coaches to improve the technique feedback to their swimmers. The two frame displays, the graphic annotations target the swimmer to the details to be improved or reinforced. This is being using in a day by day in my swimming biomechanics job.

Spain iTunes App Review Dec 13, 2011 – Swim Coach Plus

Excellent  5-stars.png

I'm a professor at a major research university and I coach my son's baseball, football, and basketball teams. My university research is focused on biomechanics, including sports biomechanics. I really like this app, and I've downloaded several other sports video analysis apps. This has become my go to app. the video quality is excellent and I really, really like that I can easily add the videos to my camera roll with two taps of the screen. One to bring up the menu, one to send the file. This allows me to further analyze and process the video in whatever application I like. Thus, for quick on the field analysis, I use this app exclusively. When I feel a need to analyze or process or present further, I use the share the variety of share options available. Finally, I had a question about the app, and received a response to my inquiry in minutes - I'm sure the developers can't do that every time but d*mn, that was impressive!

US iTunes App Review Apr 14, 2012 – Baseball Coach Plus

Good Job!  5-stars.png
A must have app! Best £1.99 I've spent, excellent support too...

UK iTunes App Review Apr 25, 2012 – Cricket Coach Plus

Great app  5-stars.png

I do a lot of coaching at school and county level and this app is outstanding when working on key areas of a players game. A must have app for any cricket coach.

UK iTunes App Review Nov 21, 2011– Cricket Coach Plus

Great  5-stars.png

A great app and a top class coaching aid. Well worth the £2!

UK iTunes App Review Mar 9, 2012 – Cricket Coach Plus

Swim coach plus hd  5-stars.png
Very nice App. Helpful

US iTunes App Review Jun 14, 2012 – Swim Coach Plus

Solid reliable tool  5-stars.png

I use this App everyday. It is part of my assessment tool box. I use it to create baselines to test my treatment plans. I have used the app for almost a year now and find it a very reliable tool. My patients find it very interesting when I show them the original footage (baseline footage) with the latest video. Yours, Don Solomon RMT (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

US iTunes App Review Jul 2, 2012 – Tennis Coach Plus


Zappasoft develops game changing apps

These applications enable sports people to see themselves in action, make comparisons with expert video clips and resolve their technique issues using the slow motion, freeze frame and dual video features. Absolutely no equipment setup is required. Users simply point the iPhone or iPad and press record to enable instantaneous analysis and feedback. All coaches, teachers, parents and sports participants now have ready access to coaching analysis features and functionality previously only available to elite sportspeople.

Zappasoft White Label Program

Zappasoft's white label program allows sports organisations and corporate partners to leverage the Zappasoft technology modules into their own products. White label products provide our partners with an ability to monetize their intellectual property without any technology risks, development or support headaches. Zappasoft works with you to capture the content and then integrates this with the required technology modules.

Video below shows Cricket Coach Plus, the iPhone application in action


Lots of questions about how to copy users clips to and from your computer using itunes.
Below is a video that shows you how.